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What are the best combinations?

The Italian pasta tradition has increasingly perfected combinations between pasta and sauces over time… “To each type of pasta its own sauce”. Taste and creativity are without doubt very personal. However, there are some general guidelines depending on whether dry pasta (smooth or ridged, long or short) or egg pasta (long or short and flat) is used. It is best to use rough or ridged pasta with soft and slippery sauces to better retain the condiment. Whereas smooth pasta goes better with thick, sticky sauces. Long dry pasta (spaghetti, bucatini, linguine, etc.) goes better with tomato, fish and vegetable sauces, but also green sauces (pesto) and white cheese sauces. Twisted dry pasta (celentani, fusilli, ziti, etc.) is suitable for tomato and vegetable sauces. Short pasta (maccheroni, rigatoni, pennette, penne, pipe, sedani, garganelli, etc.) is perfect for meat sauces, ragu or vegetable sauces. Flat pasta (lasagne, farfalle, etc.) goes well with creamy, vegetable and cheese sauces.

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