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On April 22 1999, in Rovato, Brescia, the Valdigrano pasta factory started its first production, thus inaugurating its history that today celebrates its first 25 years.

Two simple but fundamental ingredients, durum wheat semolina and water, after passing through the phases of mixing, resting, drawing, drying and packaging, made the first product ready for distribution: spaghetti.

A recent history, which nevertheless comes from a tradition in the industry of over 70 years.

Experience and know-how combined with dedication and passion, passed down from generation to generation, have enabled Valdigrano to distinguish itself from the beginning with a technologically advanced plant oriented towards production efficiency and high quality.

Research and constant innovation are the pillars on which the brescian pasta factory Valdigrano has built its development, culminating today in 5 production lines, 18 packaging machines and automated logistics, controlled at every stage by a computerised centre.

Over the years, the quality of the product, the authenticity of the raw materials and the unceasing search for excellence have increasingly met the needs of customers, amplifying Valdigrano’s success worldwide.

The authentic Made in Italy taste of Valdigrano pasta has in fact conquered both a national and international audience, adapting with versatility to local gastronomic traditions and consumer food trends.

Valdigrano’s path has been characterised by well-defined choices since its early beginnings: certified quality and a shared culture of sustainability.

Since its beginnings, Valdigrano has adopted a sustainable approach to production, adhering to the strict standards of the HACCP programme and complying with the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS). This commitment to food safety and environmental sustainability demonstrates Valdigrano’s dedication to a process of continuous improvement, aiming to significantly reduce resource consumption.

The constant investment in advanced technology, an in-house analysis laboratory and in-depth research have enabled the company to optimise production processes without ever compromising product quality. This approach has allowed the company to expand the product range, introducing innovative pasta shapes and solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers, including organic and whole grain products.

Valdigrano’s quality has conquered the public with both private label and own brand products, present in the best large-scale retail and HORECA chains in Italy and abroad.

Valdigrano introduced the Valbio organic pasta line to meet new food demands. The pasta comes from 100% selected organic grains and was certified in 2000.

In 2009, with the introduction on the market of the premium line, Valdigrano Qualità Superiore, the product range touched even the most demanding and prepared public.

Thanks to the particularity of Kronos® durum wheat semolina, 100% Italian, one of the most valuable varieties in the world, and with its high protein content, the pasta Qualità Superiore reserves a high culinary experience, preserving the flavour and texture, giving an excellent cooking resistance.

With the production of high quality pasta, including organic and wholemeal products, Valdigrano has demonstrated in recent years its ability to adapt and anticipate the needs of increasingly attentive and aware consumers.

At the end of 2023, Valdigrano took a significant step in its corporate journey by buying back the historic Pasta Pagani pasta factory in Rovato, the place where the Pagani family history began. This purchase was not only a return to the roots of the family and its passion for pasta, but a fundamental part of the strategic project for the future.

The repurchase of the Pagani pasta factory was not just a symbolic gesture, but a demonstration by Valdigrano of its desire to keep alive the link with the past, while enhancing the legacy through the adoption of innovative strategies. This will allow Valdigrano to refine its production processes, ensuring that each product reflects the excellence and authenticity that customers expect.

Through this integration, Valdigrano is committed to preserving the craftsmanship and know-how that have distinguished its product to date, improving its ability to respond to market needs with creativity and precision.

With an eye always turned to the future, Valdigrano’s commitment is to continue its path of growth and innovation in production, ensuring that tradition blends harmoniously with the most modern production techniques to offer not only pasta, but a true Italian culinary experience, highly appreciated to date, promoting an ongoing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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